CURIOUS™ Medium Round Brush

by Nick Stenson

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The Round Brushes combination of natural fiber bristles and ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blowdries. Our patented configuration creates tension and control to enhance styling and finishing techniques.

Extreme Control & Volume

Volume where you want it. Tension where you need it.

100% natural fiber bristles
Weight: 4.2 oz (120 grams)

  • Patented configuration of nylon and natural fiber bristles gives better control.

  • Specialized fiber channel design directs the hair to create movement.

  • Natural fiber bristles keep the cuticle smooth for maximum shine.

  • Natural fiber bristles absorb and redistribute hair oils from the root to smooth the hair.

  • Nylon bristles penetrate for detangling.

  • Ceramic ionic barrel promotes shine and faster blowdries.

  • Center channel creates movement and airflow for faster blowdries.

  • Easy to hold, lightweight design with a soft-touch grip and a seamless handle.

To get the most out of the life of your brush it’s important to frequently remove dead hair, skin cells, and grease.

Follow these simple steps to keep your nylon and natural fiber bristle brushes clean:

  • Dry clean your brush frequently by loosening any hair strands with a comb.

  • Then dip your comb in lukewarm water — hold the brush with the pad pointing downwards, and brush the bristles.

  • Shake the brush to remove excess water, and place the brush to dry with the handle pointing upwards.

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